Two-track input control, Ecoline TWIN

Item number (SKU):
H005-721 / H005-721-1

Dimensions of two-track entrance control, Ecoline TWIN: W 400/906* x D 510/1610 x H 575/1379 mm

This two-track entry control, Ecoline TWIN ensures forced cleaning of hands before entering production facilities. Only after applying soap or hand disinfection, passage is released in the form of a mechanical turnstile. This double lane entrance control meets the high requirements for hygiene, flexibility and durability. Each lane is equipped with a turnstile and a dispenser for either hand disinfection or hand soap. The machine is completely made of stainless steel.

  • Adjustable liquid quantity.
  • switch for manual opening of turnstiles.
  • Return: blocked, but can be opened manually.
  • Multi LED-Signaldispley (RED-YELLOW-GREEN).
  • Incl. holder for cans.
  • Delivered ready to use.

Technical specifications:
Mains connection: 1×230 V / N / PE; 50/60 Hz
Power: 0,4 kW
Control voltage: 24 V, DC
Control: Steering print


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