Stainless steel work cabinet with wheels

Note: Only available in Denmark

Stainless steel work cabinet with wheels

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Dimensions of Stainless steel work cabinet with wheels: W: 500 x D: 400 H: 1170mm with wheels

Stainless steel cabinet with wheels meets the needs required in productions in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The cabinets are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which ensures high quality. They have a hygienic design with, among other things, a sloping top, thereby meeting the requirements for ease of cleaning. In addition, the stainless steel work cabinet with wheels has the following characteristics:

  • Slanted writing top with edge. Paper and pen therefore do not fall over the edge when in use.
  • 1 drawer with associated lock.
  • 1 door with associated lock.
  • 1 adjustable shelf for storage in cabinet.
  • 4 wheels for easy transportation from place to place.

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