In-line machine guarding

NTF-Aalborg manufactures strong, functional and hygienic machine guarding in fixed dimensions according to customer specifications. It is made of stainless steel and ready for installation. We supply all sizes and adapt with bends, cuts and fittings. In-Line is suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Effective machine guarding

  • Suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Focus on hygiene, cleaning and safety
  • Made of welded stainless steel mesh
  • To be carried out taking into account special requirements for mesh opening or special constructions
  • Manufactures complete solutions for room guarding and machine protection in stainless steel
  • Constructed in accordance with current requirements for finger, hand and arm protection

In-Line guarantees safety

NTF-Aalborg manufactures strong, functional and hygienic machine guarding according to individual customer specifications. In-Line is produced in stainless steel and easy to mount. NTF-Aalborg delivers all sizes and adapts with bends, cuts and fittings. This is modular space guarding, which can often be delivered with short delivery time.

Machine guarding from NTF-Aalborg meets the food industry's high requirements for hygiene, cleaning friendliness and safety.

NTF also has two series of standard modular machine guards for the food industry that meet the requirements for hygiene, cleaning friendliness, safety and fast delivery. NTF High-Line and NTF Comp-Line product ranges, allowing us to offer an even larger standard range, in complete stainless steel and acid-resistant systems for machine protection and machine guarding .


Brackets are mounted according customer specifications. Customers can choose between our standard brackets or a special brackets. The standard bracket with 9 mm hole ensures easy mounting with bolts. For welding on existing pipe frames, spacing blocks can be provided with the guarding. Stable welding, limited welding seams.

Constructions with stainless pressed mesh

The pressed mesh is made to measure and then spot-welded on a round steel frame. There is no limit to the mesh size or appearance. We can also attach fixtures or spacing blocks for easy mounting in existing profile pipe frames.

At NTF-Aalborg, we also offer to place brackets or spacers for easy installation in existing profile tube frames.

Construction with spot-welded net

Same procedure as with pressed mesh, but with spot-welded net. The unfolded dimensions here can be no larger than 2000 x 1000 mm.

Stainless steel guarding of rooms

NTF offers to design and manufacture the complete solution for stainless steel guarding of rooms – easy to mount.

Other constructions

Special requirements regarding mesh opening or special constructions are produced according to customer specifications.

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