Safe & Hygienic Food Production

NTF-Aalborg A/S is a supplier of stainless solutions in wire products and round steel. We provide a wide range of customized solutions based on advanced utilization of wire and round steel with a focus on machine guarding, production equipment, fixtures and hygiene products.

Stainless steel machine guarding

Comp-Line and In-Line

NTF are leading specialists in hygienic and stainless machine guarding. Modular and customized stainless steel systems that meet the requirements for hygiene, cleanability and safety.

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Design your own solutions

With FenceCreator, you can quickly and easily design your own premium Comp-Line solution in a hygienic machine guarding...

NTF are leading specialists in stainless machine guarding for the food industry.

NTF specializes in the manufacture of high-quality, easy-to-clean process equipment.

NTF offers a wide hygiene program of stainless steel fixtures for the food industry.

We also offer specialized competences in stainless wire and round steel for a wide range of industries.

Good process equipment provides safety


The high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the food industry place greater demands on food producers, who are responsible for ensuring that there are no health risks to consumers when they consume food.

It's all about food safety.


For food businesses, there are a wide range of preventive rules in the field of hygiene and device design which must be observed in order to ensure health conditions to consumers.

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