Røgvogne med hygiejniske tråd riste

Royal Greenland has a long tradition in producing smoked fish and takes great care in every step of production, especially when it comes to food safety. Royal Greenland's factory in Paamiut Greenland was converted in 2012 to a cod fillet line, handling 20 tons of cod fillets per day. In addition, the factory also handles crabs, roe and other fish, says factory manager Jan Jørgensen.

The factory in Paamiut uses NTF-Aalborg's shelf trolleys with stainless steel grids for drying cod fillets in smoke cabinets and has a close cooperation with our distributor in Sweden, Protech Food Machinery AB, which also supplies quality smoke cabinets. 

NTF-Aalborg's stainless steel process gratings are characterized by their specially developed hygienic design, which makes them particularly suitable for food processing. The gratings meet the food industry's stringent requirements for hygiene, ease of cleaning and load capacity.

Our shelf trolleys have a specially designed hygienic layout that combines design and function with a focus on efficient cleaning and easy everyday operation, making them highly suitable for food production such as fish smoking.

For more than 20 years, we have worked closely with machine builders in the fishing industry. Therefore, we know the special conditions that apply in this industry, especially the general desire for reduced production costs and increased requirements for safety and hygiene, says Key Account Director Jørgen Ravn from NTF-Aalborg.

In recent years, we have seen a general increase in food safety standards among our customers, says Jørgen Ravn. Customers have an increased focus on food safety and quality, which places high demands on their process equipment. 

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