About NTF-Aalborg

About NTF-Aalborg

Supplier of stainless steel wire products

NTF-Aalborg A/S is a dynamic niche company in the production of stainless steel wire products. With NTF-Aalborg on the team, our customers are guaranteed a wide range of benefits that help making everyday work easier:


NTF-Aalborg A/S is a leader in solutions in net, wire and round steel.

NTF-Aalborg A/S was established in 1995 and is a dynamic, healthy and well-consolidated niche company with a modern and flexible machine park.

NTF-Aalborg A/S provides a wide range of stainless-steel customized solutions, based on advanced use of wire and round steel with focus on machine guarding, process equipment, equipment and hygiene as well as subcontracting.

  • Core competence in innovative processing of customer-tailored solutions in round steel, wire and mesh, with focus on the food and pharma industries.

  • Technical advice that makes a difference.

  • Delivery reliability and top quality

  • Modern technology with fully automatic 3D bending machines, welding machines, and TIG welding robot.

  • We handle both large series productions and small or single-piece productions.

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Technical solutions stainless steel

The company's core competence is the innovative development, production and marketing of a wide range of wire products;

Machine Guarding

Stainless steel machine protection and machine guarding in hygienic design for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Modular steel systems for efficient shielding of machinery. Clean and robust machine guarding with high security.

Process equipment

Cleaning-friendly process equipment such as wire racks, wire baskets, shelved carts, meat hooks, skewers and smoking sticks for smoking, boiling, pasteurisation, freezing and thawing in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Equipment and Hygiene

Design of hygienic sluices and personel facilities. NTF-Aalborg offers a large programme within stainless steel products with a hygienic design. The product range includes solutions for hanging and drying work clothing, including coats, aprons, helmets, gloves, shoes, boots, etc.

Subcontracting work

NTF-Aalborg is a subcontractor of stainless steel wire and round steel as a finished product and subcomponent. Among other things, we offer a number of 3D round steel bending, wire straightening, CNC spot-welding and TIG welding.

Our goal is to be the best:

  • Quality, including living up to buyers’ stricter hygiene requirements at all times.

  • Ensure delivery, such as comply with the agreed delivery times, while working to reduce them.

  • Value for Money, customers should experience a correlation between price and quality.

  • Adding value for customers in the form of innovation and technical consultation.

  • We handle both large series productions and small or single-piece productions.

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