Hygiejnisk procesudstyr
Article from LevnedsmiddelBladet 4 - 2017

For food businesses, there are a wide range of preventive rules in the field of hygiene and device design which must be observed in order to ensure health conditions to consumers.

The high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the food industry place greater demands on food producers, who are responsible for ensuring that there are no health risks to consumers when they consume food. Bacteria are everywhere, but it becomes critical if they negatively affect food safety. As a result, it is essential that food producers ensure effective cleaning.

NTF-Aalborg specializes in the production of hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel process equipment. The products meet the strict requirements of the food industry. The product range includes solutions for smoking, cooking, pasteurization, freezing and thawing, including smoke trolleys, wire grids, processing grids, wire baskets, meat hooks and smoke sticks. All products have a specially designed hygienic shape that combines design and function with a focus on efficient cleaning and easy operation in everyday life.

Denmark leads the way

In Denmark, there is a high level of food safety and its development is still increasing. NTF-Aalborg operates extensively in the export market and often experiences how much foreign customers appreciate hygienic and easy-to-clean furniture. Sales Director at NTF-Aalborg, Jørgen Ravn, has no doubt that Denmark is making a positive difference abroad.

- Focus on food safety is generally increasing - also internationally. This is noticeable when we trade abroad, where there is an increasing demand for hygienic process equipment in hygienic design, and here we have a strong position as an equipment manufacturer, which is partly due to the strong Danish food industry, which has always made great demands and challenged us as suppliers of production equipment for the food industry. In this way, we have ensured continuous development, says Jørgen Ravn.

Stainless steel only

There are a number of rules and guidelines that stipulate that the equipment and fixtures used in food businesses must be hygienically safe, and stainless steel is a very suitable material.

- We always use stainless round steel when producing for the food industry. The material is smooth and corrosion-resistant, and when combined with our easy-to-clean design and production method, including clean and even welds, we ensure that bacteria and other impurities cannot settle," Jørgen Ravn continues.

All food producers in Denmark must comply with food hygiene rules and are required to carry out self-monitoring. All this helps to ensure food safety in the best possible way.

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