Information about solutions in wire and round steel

NTF-Aalborg is a leader in wire and round steel. We offer both customer-specific and standard solutions according to your wishes and needs.

  • NTF Machine shielding - stainless steel system for machine protection and machine shielding . Also suitable for the food industry and pharma.

  • NTF Process equipment - a complete range of wire racks, wire baskets, shelved carts, meat hooks, skewers and smoking sticks

  • NTF Pharma process equipment - wire racks, basket, shelved carts, suspensions and other solutions focusing on handling, heat treatment, boiling, pasteurization, freezing and thawing

  • NTF Hygiene - get an overview of hygienic furniture and hygiene products for i.e. hygiene sluices and staff rooms

  • NTF Subcontracting - finished products and subcomponents in stainless wire and round steel

If you need further information or advice on a project, please do not hesitate to contact NTF.

Maskinafskærmning NY
Machine Guarding
Processudstyr og Pharma

Process equipment Pharma

Underleverandør arbejde

Subcontracting work

NTF katalog for inventar og hygiejneudstyr

Equipment and Hygiene

Processudstyr folder

Process equipment

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