Machine guards can increase the safety of workers in the food industry, where machines and equipment are part of the work process. Perimeter guards and attached guards can protect workers from the serious injuries and accidents that can occur when using or cleaning machines, robots and other equipment.

Employees on a production line perform repetitive tasks and work with heavy and dangerous machinery. Their work can be monotonous and require concentration, and this combination can easily lead to accidents and injuries. To prevent workers from being injured on the production line, it is important to understand the most common causes of injuries and to take precautions to prevent them.

It can be injuries such as

  • Collision: Workers can be struck by moving machine parts or robot arms if they do not keep sufficient distance or enter the path of motion.
  • Clamping: Operators can be trapped between machine parts when they are accidentally caught between two moving parts or if their clothes are caught and pulled into the machine.
  • Injuries to body parts: Workers can get smaller body parts such as hands, fingers or arms caught in the moving parts of the machine if the area is not shielded with physical barriers at the correct distance.
  • Cutting damage: Working with knives, machines and other sharp tools can lead to cuts and lacerations.
  • Falling accidents: Working on a production line can require workers to work at high levels, increasing the risk of falls.
  • Overturned equipment: If products or other items fall off the production line or are dropped, they can hit workers with great force and lead to injuries.

Machine guards reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and act as a barrier between workers and machinery. Machine guards can prevent accidental contact with moving parts. For example, rotating blades, bearings and gears, all of which pose a potential risk to the health and safety of workers when working with machinery and equipment. With the right machine guarding , you can reduce the risk of these types of injuries.

We offer several types machine guarding

At NTF-Aalborg you can get everything in stainless steel machine guarding, designed with hygiene and food production in mind.

Comp-Line is our range of modular machine guarding for fencing production lines, packing cells and more.

In-Line are easy-to-clean mesh guards for mounting on machinery or equipment. We produce the guarding on a made-to-measure basis according to the customer's specifications.

All our guardrails are manufactured according to the applicable requirements for finger, hand and arm protection. At the same time, we can supply any size imaginable, with customized bends, cut-outs and fittings according to needs and customer specifications.

Combine our two types of shielding for optimal protection. For example, use In-Line as a tunnel for cut-outs for conveyor belts or other continuous elements. Here mounted on an existing Comp-Line guard.

The benefits of machine guarding

A derived benefit of using machine guarding is the positive impact on workplace productivity. When employees are protected from possible accidents, they are able to work more confidently and focus on their tasks. This leads to a more stable and efficient work process, resulting in an improvement in the quality of work.

Machine guarding reduces the risk of accidents and injuries and helps workers maintain high productivity and quality of work. So, if you want to introduce machines and/or robots into your production line, it is important to ensure that workers are properly protected to avoid serious injuries and accidents.

Machine guarding is specific to different machines and equipment. It is necessary to ensure that the machine guarding is designed, manufactured and installed correctly to effectively reduce the risk of accidents. Contact our specialists at or +45 9837 3766 for advice on how to protect your employees most effectively.

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