A new range of machine guarding for food businesses features a hygienic design that ensures effective cleaning and reduces the risk of bacteriological contamination. The new system has a unique assembly method that ensures quick installation. The length of the enclosure is easily adjusted at the installation site itself.

The robot must be shielded in a hygienic way

The increased automation in the food industry, with the use of robots and other mechanical equipment, poses major challenges for companies in the industry, as many machines need to be guarded. Time is money, and therefore food companies need shielding that can be quickly installed and efficiently cleaned. NTF-Aalborg has developed Comp-Line, a series of modular stainless steel machine guarding specially designed for the food industry. Uniquely, the system has no horizontal surfaces. This helps to meet the industry's stringent requirements for hygiene, ease of cleaning and safety.

Machine guarding can be adapted in length at the installation site

Comp-Line is a system that is easily customized in length at the installation site itself according to specific wishes and needs. The guard grille itself is easily cut to length with an angle grinder, and it is also possible to make cut-outs in the guard. Comp-Line is manufactured in accordance with the applicable requirements for finger, hand and arm protection and is manufactured in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13857-2008.

Comp-Line can also be fitted with a sliding door system. A solid and simple locking mechanism ensures effective closing of the sliding door, which has a large rolling surface. This provides optimal durability and stability.

Unique installation of Comp-Line Machine guarding

The assembly of Comp-Line Machine Guarding is designed in such a simple and easy way that it can be carried out by only one man, which is both an economic and time-saving advantage for food companies. The unique assembly method is unique to Comp-Line. The shielding system has been tested at several companies and has been received with great satisfaction. There are thus great expectations for further market penetration.

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