Stainless steel wire gratings

NTF wire racks are manufactured in stainless steel. The product program includes both standard as well as customised solutions.

The wire racks are robust and cleaning friendly and have an optimal hygienic construction making them very suitable for food processing. The racks are used for smoking, boiling, pasteurisation, heat treatment, freezing, thawing and so on in both the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Execution of wire gratings

The racks are manufactured in pressed wire netting as well as spot-welded wire. Type of net, wire and mesh are adjusted according to the product. Frame and supporting brace are adjusted according to the max load per rack.

Wire racks from NTF-Aalborg are strong, stable, durable, functional and easy to clean. Our racks are ideal for food processing, such as drip racks and sausage racks. Moreover, NTF-Aalborg manufactures special product such as chicken rack and grate for paté trays (also available as stackable model).

NTF-Aalborg is happy to develop individual solutions to meet your specific needs and wishes. Contact us today and get a non-binding offer,

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