Hand washing, entry control and disinfection

NTF-Aalborg offers hand washing, hand disinfection and hand soap dispensers for use in many sectors, including the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our solutions include both washbasins and entrance controls. Our entrance controls are available with a turnstile and a dispenser for either soaping or disinfecting both hands at once. These products are suitable for hygiene locks.

We offer different types of washbasins in a hygienic stainless steel design for e.g. the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The washbasins are available with different number of taps, as well as built-in sensor activation of water. This helps to increase ease of cleaning and hygiene, as hands are kept free from touching the taps.

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Hand sanitizer made of stainless steel

All NTF-Aalborg products are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304. In the design process, we have a strong focus on maintaining the high hygiene standards and easy-to-clean features that are particularly important in the food industry and pharma.

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