Stainless steel drying rack with air drying

NTF-Aalborg manufactures air drying racks that efficiently and odorlessly dry boots, shoes and gloves.

Efficient and odor-free drying of boots, shoes and gloves based on air circulation - for hanging on a wall or placed on a floor stand.

Air drying with air from the room where the air rack is located. Produced as High-Flow 230V with or without heat and ozone. Ozone helps reduce bad odors and eliminate bacteria. All racks have a built-in 12V fan (Energy consumption: 2.6 W per hour) in the rack to ensure constant air circulation via the air nozzles. The air is blown out into the equipment and dries boots, shoes or gloves during the night. The fan is covered and therefore splash-proof (IP35).

Both wall and floor models are constructed from heavy-duty 2 mm profile tubing with easy-to-clean full welds and sloping surfaces in accordance with the guidelines for HACCP certification. All air and drying racks are delivered ready for use with a cord and transformer for 230 V, 50 Hz. The racks are completely made of stainless steel AISI 304.

A 100% stainless robust energy-saving and efficient solution for drying boots, shoes and gloves.

All NTF air racks can be customized as needed. It is also possible to combine the solutions, e.g. boots on one side, shoes on the other. They can also be combined with products from the rest of the program.

See all our racks with drying function by following these links:

We also offer racks without drying function.

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